Lamarte's Farm


Land, passion and wine.

In the last century the Lamarte family has valorized a farm situated in a country called “Muro Lucano” in Lucania, bordered by low Irpinia, about 700 meters above sea level-
contrada portone muro lucano

The story.

The origin of Lamarte’s farm dates back to the purchase of it by the ancestor priest Vincenzo with an act of the notary Filippo Ferrone in 1874. This farm is situated in “Contrada Portone”and it is described such as “rustic land with a vineyard”.

The vineyard exists since 800 century, when ancestors grew grapes in airy and lands. These lands are in some areas of Irpinia region, characterized by alternation between small table-lands and semi-montuos hills.

These lands are characterized by typical climates of hinterlands wit strong thermal excursions too.

Among these vineplants we remember Aglianico,”Coda di Volpe”, White and Black Malvasia of Basilicata, ”Santa Sofia”, “Gisana” and “Jusana”. Farmers grew vineplants in these lands because they alternated grapes that grow with a slow maturation wit grapes that anticipated the fruition.

Doctor Vincenzo inherited the farm from priest Vincenzo, and then he gives to his grandson doctor Vincenzo Lamarte. Today Ermanno, Antonio and Michele handle the farm. The land has been cultivated for family needs wit small productions of those typical products. Old owners like cultivation techniques in fact they did some changes in the last century.

Noblewoman Elena Pistolese and Mrs Carmela Spera built numerous dry stone walls in a lively white stone that outline different plants. Cultivation of vineyard is always been valorized and currently it’s been update to expand by collaboration of experts. This will get exaltation of vineplants.

l'antico portone